Process Equipment and Metal Transformation
for geothermal, mining and hydraulic Projects/Plants

COMMSA, a strong and solid Mexican company with more than 50 years of experience, offers custom fabricated pressure vessels, tanks, processing equipment and a wide range of metalwork manufactures.

Since 1964 serving the construction, chemical, mining and energy industries


The great capacity and experience of our specialized technical and production staff in conjunction to our well equipped shop let us provide to our customers world class products in full compliance with international norms and all the client´s specifications and needs. We offer very competitive prices and delivery times.

Engineering and quality


Constructora Metálica Mexicana, COMMSA, commonly fabricate based on his client´s designs and drawings, but besides of shop engineering we can offer basic and mechanical design of equipment such as API tanks, ASME pressure vessels and steam-water separators.

The quality of our products permitted us by many years to export to USA, Canada and Central America and to have customers from Spain, Germany and Japan among other countries.

Quality audits and certifications of institutions and companies like ASME, The Mexican Federal Commission of Electricity (CFE), The Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB), Mitsubishi, etc. speaks about the quality of our job.